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The 5 Advantages to Custom Wood Railings

It’s easy to get a headache when devoting the energy required to keep up with changing trends.  Be it fashion or design new fads seem to come and go overnight, and it is near impossible to stay in front of the curve.  Thankfully, for the savvy fashionista or interior designer, there are some things that simply will never go out …

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Choosing the Right Railing for Your Staircase

What types of custom interior railings look best with your stairs? When setting foot into a house, countless items will immediately catch your eye.  The floor plan and layout of a house will draw your attention rather quickly, and shortly thereafter you will notice things such as lighting and wall color.  While these observations are often glaringly obvious, many people …

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4 Questions to Ask When Remodeling Your Staircase

Remodeling your staircase? Here are some tips on custom staircase design Whether you are adding another floor onto your existing home or just looking to change things up and install custom stairs, building a new staircase can be a rather involved project.  There are many details that must be examined before you begin your project, and many options available to …

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When to Replace Your Staircase?

Houses are defined by their core foundational elements.  The layout or blueprint creates the atmosphere of a home, and oftentimes staircases serve as a core component of their design and structure.  Staircases are also one of the more commonly used components of a multi-story home and, as such, need to be replaced over time.  It can sometimes be difficult to …

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