Choosing the Right Railing for Your Staircase

Custom Interior Railings

What types of custom interior railings look best with your stairs?

When setting foot into a house, countless items will immediately catch your eye.  The floor plan and layout of a house will draw your attention rather quickly, and shortly thereafter you will notice things such as lighting and wall color.  While these observations are often glaringly obvious, many people don’t realize that the ornate details of a home serve to tie everything together.  Everything from cupboard handles to light-switch plates helps create the overall atmosphere of your house, and custom interior railings serve the same purpose.  In addition to their utilitarian need, custom railings will help produce a feel that is entirely unique to your home.  Below are three things to consider when choosing your custom railings in Hamilton, Burlington, or Oakville homes.


Above all else, your new railing needs to serve its purpose as a tool to help people get up and down stairs.  When shopping for function, you must first look at the structure of your staircase to see if your custom railing will work with the existing structure.  Things such as railing height and available wall or open space will all impact your final decision when choosing your ideal custom railing in Oakville, Burlington, or Hamilton.


Once you have made proper measurements, assessed practicality, and identified how flexible you can be in choosing a custom railing, you are ready to examine the countless style options.  Metal railings, glass railings, and wood railings all have very different appearances and, ultimately, the feel of your house should dictate what kind of railing will be best suited for your staircase.  That said, in terms of style, there is no right or wrong way to choose a customized railing and each option available to you has a unique look and personality.  Closely examine the potential posts, balusters, newels and railing itself and visualize it against your staircase before making a final decision.


Naturally, a major deciding factor of any construction or remodeling project is the price of the project and how well it fits into your budget.  Thankfully, when shopping for new railings in Hamilton, Burlington, or Oakville there is a railing in any style for any budget.  Whether you are shopping for a new age modern metal railing or a vintage wood railing, you will find an incredible selection in a wide range of prices.  This balance allows you to walk away satisfied with a new customized railing at a wallet-friendly price.

When you are planning a remodel, don’t fall into the trap of focusing all of your time and resources on major items only to forget the details.  Something as seemingly hidden as a railing can make all the difference in the appearance and atmosphere of your home.  To make the most out of this intricate décor detail make sure to study the functionality, style, and price before choosing a custom railing in Hamilton, Burlington, or Oakville.