Custom Railing Design:

How closely can you design custom railings to previously existing railings in an older home?

When refurbishing an older home homeowners can tackle certain projects on their own such as sanding down wood furnishings and repainting. However, when it comes to repairing, saving pieces of, redesigning or replacing an old staircase completely, it’s best left up to the professional. Occasionally, an existing railing can be salvaged from the older home, but generally an older home’s staircase will need much more than a little bit of standing; it will need custom railings.

To keep up with the history of your older home we can research railing designs from its era. If you’re lucky you will have remnants from the original railing that can serve as an example for new railings that can replace it. Though much has changed throughout the years as far as design goes, many railings follow the designs of earlier centuries, so when you’re redesigning your home’s older staircase you’ll be happy to know that replacements aren’t hard to find and customization will give you what you’re looking for.

First we will want to look at your home’s original staircase design together. To get as close to your home’s original railing design is possible we will want to study any part of the railing that is still available for us to look at. If you’re looking for an exact replica of what your home once had then we will need to closely look at the design from top to bottom. Even the slightest of changes can make the difference between eras.

The next step in customizing is matching your railing to the rest of your home. Typically, older railings are made of wood and can be stained to match surrounding floors. If we are adding to existing railing it’s important to start with the same wood for materials. It were working with two different types of wood it will be more difficult to match what is already in your home to what we are bringing in to it. We will also want to match the wood used in the railings to any other wood throughout the house, whether that be wood cabinetry in the kitchen or wood flooring. Unless you would like a contrast between your floor and your stairs, you will want a cohesive look that flows evenly.

If your home’s railings are not in the best of shape we can incorporate what is still standing with new design elements. For instance, if your staircase has lost its finials we can help you find some great replacements to add to the top of your existing railings. Or perhaps the finials are all that is left from what used to be a beautiful staircase. In that case we can seamlessly incorporate them into a new design.

With all of the design features at our finger tips we are able to very closely design a staircase that stays true to your home’s originality. Remember that the more you’re able to provide us with pictures and samples of what is still in the home, the better we can design custom railings that fit all your needs.

Custom railings that stay true to your home’s vintage appeal are one of our specialties. We bring railings back to life throughout the GTA including the cities of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, New Market, Aurora and King City. Give us a call and we can get started on yours.