4 Questions to Ask When Remodeling Your Staircase

Custom Staircase Design

Remodeling your staircase? Here are some tips on custom staircase design

Whether you are adding another floor onto your existing home or just looking to change things up and install custom stairs, building a new staircase can be a rather involved project.  There are many details that must be examined before you begin your project, and many options available to you when selecting custom stairs in Newmarket, Aurora, or King City.  To help you get started, here are 4 questions you should ask before starting work on your interior custom staircase.

What is the layout of your home?

Your home’s layout is arguably the biggest deciding factor when installing or remodeling your staircase.  The design of your home will ultimately dictate what options are available to you for custom stairs and, when looked at closely, may even open your eyes to new and exciting selections.  Small, efficient staircases may be best in some homes while others may benefit from large hardwood stairs.  Others may even work best with spiral or modern staircase designs.  It is up to you to thoroughly examine the layout of your home, consult professionals, and choose the stairs that best fit your specific situation.

Who will be using your new staircase?

Another crucial question to answer before building a new staircase is who will be using it?  If you are a young family in a starter home, maybe a wooden spiral staircase could be a fun touch.  If you are looking to grow old in a home, or have elderly friends and family visit and use the stairs often, consider something more user friendly.  At the end of the day, custom staircases are all about function and, no matter how chic it may appear, a staircase is no good if people cannot use it safely.

How often will your staircase be used?

Is your new custom staircase serving the second floor of your home where everyone sleeps, or is it being built to access a rarely visited loft space?  Before selecting your ideal custom stairway and buying supplies to begin construction, consider how it will be used.  If everyone in your household will be using the staircase every night, consider durable wood stairs that are built to last.  If your custom staircase will be an ancillary part of your home and not used very often, maybe you can save some money and not buy lifetime guarantee materials.  If you want your new staircase to be more of a focal point in your home despite low usage, choose materials that will attract the visitor’s eye.

How will it be designed?

After answering the above three questions, you can begin to decide on your custom staircase design.  There is no wrong answer here – it all depends on personal preference and what your home will allow.  Vintage and modern staircases each have their strong points, and you need to choose the staircase that meets your aesthetic and function needs.  When examining potential designs and patterns, consider the size of the staircase, where it is located in your house, and your staircase budget.  By doing so, and having strong answers to the above three questions as well, you will be well on your way to selecting the perfect custom staircase in King City, Aurora, or Newmarket.