Custom Stairs: How are custom stairs different than common designs?

When you decide to include custom stairs in your home’s design you have the opportunity to include design elements that add a layer of elegance and interest to the whole structure. As beautiful and widely used as ready to order designs are, they still limit the end result. If you want stairs that aren’t like anyone else’s you need to consider custom stairs. Common designs are somewhat of a “one size fits all” style of stair and won’t give you the grand staircase you’re looking for.

Whether you’re building a home or redesigning an older house you have the opportunity to add a memorable staircase to your home’s design. With custom stairs, imagine what you can do with unlimited possibilities. Whether you’re deciding between flared stairs, monumental stairs, spiral stairs or straight stairs, we can design a staircase unlike any other you have had before.

What makes a custom staircase different from regular staircases? The difference is in your vision and how we are able to bring it to life.

An Array of Designs

There are virtually an unlimited number of different designs that we can do for you. Floating staircases are a popular design these days. They allow for more room on your main floor, yet still have a grand staircase appeal. They can be done with carpet or carpet free depending on your personal taste. Carpet free floating staircases are one way to make a room look larger, letting you see through them and instead of having to look around them.

Swooping staircases are also very popular, whether they are carpeted, have hardwood floors, are modern or have a traditional style. These staircases are associated with class and elegance.

Paint or Stains

As with any of our staircases, but especially with our custom staircases, you can pick any paint color or finish. Whether you are looking for a walnut stained staircase or for bright red custom stairs, you can make them a reality.

The stain you choose has a lot to do with the type of wood you choose to go with. Certain stains bring out the best in certain woods. If you aren’t sure what stain you want you can always visit our showroom and see samples first hand.

Railings and Ironwork

Railings and ironwork will give your staircase a beautiful finishing touch. Whether you want to have wooden railings installed or iron railings installed, we have an array of designs for you to customize your staircase with.

Ironwork is more expensive than would railings and embellishments, but gives your staircase depth and appeal like nothing else can. We can incorporate it in many different ways just like we can incorporate detailed woodwork.

We have been designing custom stairs for over 25 years in the GTA. Our customers live in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, New Market, Aurora and King City. We service the entire GTA area and are here at your service when you need us. Give us a call or visit our site’s gallery for design ideas for your new custom stairs.