Hardwood Stairs: What kind of upkeep do hardwood stairs require?

Hardwood stairs require a great deal more upkeep than carpeted stairs. They are prone to scratches, water stains and in extreme cases warping. To prevent these types of damages and to keep your hardwood stairs in good condition we have several tips for you follow.

  • Rugs at doorways and entryways will help keep dirt, dust and grime from reaching your hardwood stairs. When dirt is tracked onto your stairs and walked over it will create tiny scratches. These scratches are not always visible at first but over time will break down the beautiful finish on your floors and make them look dull and worn.
  • Wet mopping your hardwood stairs can cause water damage, as can accidental spills. Any water damage can result in dulled finishes, discolored residue, water rings and warping. Once a stair warps it will have to be replaced.
  • Over waxing your hardwood stairs will cause them to become slippery and to look dull. Instead, try buffing your stairs. This will leave them with a polished shiny look.
  • Avoided walking on your hardwood shares in high heels or sports shoes. These types of shoes will create small indents in your floor. While these may not be noticeable at first they will continue to break down as time goes on and look worse. Amazingly enough, a high heel has an impact of 2,000 pounds per square inch. Needless to say, it can do a lot of damage to your hardwood stairs.
  • Avoid sliding things up and down your stairs. This includes laundry baskets, boxes and shopping bags. Pick things up completely before walking up the stairs to avoid scratches and indentions.
  • Only use cleaning products that are meant were hardwood floors. Don’t use sheet vinyl or tile floor cleaning products. Acrylic waxes can cause would to become slippery and very dangerous.
  • During humid summer months or wet winter months you can use use a dehumidifier to minimize the contraction of your stairs.
  • Use felt on the bottoms of any d├ęcor that you have sitting on your steps. While some things may feel like they are too heavy to move around, they can still cause major scratches to occur.
  • Avoid sliding heavy furniture up and down the stairs without having a blanket between the stairs and furniture being moved.
  • If your home is going to have heavy foot traffic for construction purposes, or during the holiday months you can lay down a temporary guard to keep your stairs protected. Be sure that whatever you lay down is not slippery.
  • Regularly have your hardwood stairs professionally cleaned and polished. The more upkeep you do for them on a regular basis, the longer they will stay in good condition.

We hope these tips will help you keep your beautiful hardwood stairs in tip top shape. If you are a resident of the GTA and live Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, New Market, Aurora or King City you are always welcome to stop by our showroom or call us with any questions you may have about the upkeep of your stairs.