Wood Railings:

Can you match wood railings with my existing wood floors?

Shopping for the perfect wood railings to match your wood stairs and floors is the same as matching your wood floors to other design factors in your home. Remember when you laid out wood floor samples throughout your house searching for the perfect finish? The same concept is used when matching floors to wood railings. Samples can be brought in and laid out to compare to the flooring. When we find the perfect match we get to work making your design come to life.

Before we start the matching process we need to know what type of wood your floors are made of and what finish they have. Whether they are hardwood floors or laminate flooring, we can find the perfect match, but to narrow down our search will need to know what type of finish they have, whether it be cherry, walnut or no stain at all. If you’re unsure of what finish your floors have or what they are made from we can show you samples of this variation to help you narrow down what type of floors you have.

After we match the color of your floors to the color that you want the railings to be, we will also want to match up the grains in the woods. Some homeowners may overlook this step, but it is important that the grains in the woods are similar. Because each type of wood has a very distinct grain you don’t want to end up with a bold grain for your railings and a subtle grain for you floors. Some woods also tend to have more knots than others and they can be very distinctive, making wooden furnishings not match up. These differences are not a problem. We have many samples available for the perfect match.

The next thing you want to do is see the samples in your home firsthand. We will send you home with samples that you can place near where your wood railings will be. Set them on different stairs and move them around throughout the day, taking a close look at how well they match your floors. During the day the light within your home will change, so be sure to take a look at the samples next to your floors several times in a given day. If sunlight hits your floors and your staircase in spots, set the samples in the sun as well to see how differently they look when the light hits them. Once you’ve seen all of the samples next to your floors throughout a day you’ll be able to make an easy pick as to which finish is right for you.

The process of matching railings and floors is the same in both residential and commercial spaces. We help take the hard work out of the process by supplying you with all the samples you need and helping guide you towards the right purchase. Whether you’re in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, New Market, Aurora or King City, we serve the GTA and are here to serve you as well.