Staircases in Toronto – Some Options One Has When Choosing

Staircases Toronto

Many homes in Toronto need staircases. Most homeowners want to have a staircase that guests do not see often. Luckily, there are many manufacturers and contractors that could cater to the needs of people who are looking for unique staircases in Toronto.

Spiral Staircases

Several homes have spiral staircases in Toronto. There are many ways to make yours uncommon. For example, the use of treads that are far from the standard shapes. Go for curvy shapes but do not forget about consistency to keep organization of your staircase. You can also choose to stop the spiral earlier than expected. Have the first three to five steps from the first floor in a straight staircase with the rest spiraling upward.

All about Risers

The staircases in Toronto also have usual risers. Some homeowners opt to be unique by forgetting about the risers. Lots of people love the floating style. It gives the airy look and feel.

If you want to keep the risers in staircases in Toronto, you can be creative and artistic. Try putting designs on the risers. You can put colorful tiles on it. You can also put a pattern, drawings, etc. You can also mix and match like using steel for the riser and wood for the tread. It is when contemporary meets traditional style that the best staircases come out to life.

Staircases with Special Landing

Most staircases in Toronto direct the users to the floor. Some homes have already found it great to have a special landing. Instead of the floor, there is another level where the staircase ends so the users would have another step to make to reach the ground level.

Useful Spaces beneath the Staircases

Not many people make use of the space below the staircases. Some homeowners, however, choose to make the space below their stairs a closet or storage, an office or a reading haven.
One could put a small seat under one of the staircases in Toronto. Put a lighting that’s appropriate for reading. It could also have shelves or drawers where one could keep books, shoes and other things. You can leave it as an open space but it is also possible to put a small door if you choose to make it a storage or closet. Most kids would find it as the best hiding place, too.

Creative Backside of the Staircases

If you choose to leave the space beneath the staircase empty, you may want to make it one of the most creative parts of your home. Most homeowners failed to beautify the backside of their staircases so people see only a series of wooden boards. When choosing designs for the back of the staircase, do not forget about the shapes your geometry teacher have taught you. They are a great inspiration of the best architects. You can surely get some ideas. Mix and match shapes to make your staircase’s backside the most creative.

There are many ways to reinvent the traditional staircases in Toronto that you may have been seeing for years. Your home could have a staircase but it doesn’t have to look like the ones you find in other homes.