Wood Stairs Refinishing/Repair: My wood stairs have taken a beating over the years. What type of wood stair refinishing and repair do you suggest?

As much as you can try to keep your stairs in the best shape possible, inevitably you are going to need to give your wood stairs a good refinishing and also make some repairs to them. As scratches occur little by little over the years they create major wear and tear on your wooden stairs. The same thing would happen to carpet if you had carpeted stairs. It would wear significantly in the places it is most often walked on and would eventually need to be replaced. With stairs it is more expensive to replace them than to refinish them, so we suggest that you bring in a professional to give them new life.

With age stairs will begin to creak. This is caused by the stairs loosening from their joists. When this starts to happen you will need a professional to come look at the integrity of the stairs and make repairs to them so that they can be more secure against their joists. Typically, large screws are used to ensure that each stair does not loosen from its joists again. Once these screws are in place the creaking sound should be gone for good.

Stairs that have been vigorously worn over time need more than a simple polish. When scratches become visible even after stairs are cleaned it is time to have them refinished. Refinishing is a process that includes standing. Wooden stairs are sanded down until all of the original finish is gone. Afterwards, any lingering dust is cleaned off and a fresh coat of finish is applied. Because wood is so resilient this process will make them look brand new. Though this is a costly process compared to polishing your stairs with a product, it isn’t something that has to be done frequently. Sometimes it can be as long as 20 years before with stairs would need to be refinished or repaired again.

Speaking of repairs, once the floors are sanded down, any repairs that need to be made should be done at that time. This includes replacing any stairs or adding any new additions. Generally, stairs do not have to be replaced unless they are severely worn or cracked. Once a stair cracks it should be replaced so that more damage is not done to the staircase. If you decide to keep a stair that is only slightly cracked, wood filler can be used to seal it.

We have been serving the GTA for over 25 years and have customers living in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke, New Market, Aurora and King City. If your wood stairs are in need of some refinishing and repairs we want you to give us a call with any questions you may have. We can set up an appointment for you to talk to one of our specialists so that we can get your stairs the care they need. Whether you have wooden stairs in a home or in a commercial building, don’t let their deterioration go any longer. We’re here to help you want to make your stairs as good as new.